I Haven’t Earned a Red Cent on Medium in Four Days — Just Me?

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Steffany Ritchie
2 min readAug 19, 2023
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It is my understanding that the way Medium measures and pays reads is undergoing some not insignificant changes. I know this is affecting different writers in different ways.

I have only written one article this month, so I am hardly expecting to be raking it in. But usually, with the volume of articles I have produced, I end up getting thrown a few pennies here and there each day.

Medium took away our ability to see views and read times recently. This is apparently temporary they say. Ok. But I feel like I am flying blind here.

Obviously I don’t expect to earn when I am not writing/getting reads. But I really have no idea what is happening with my articles at this point with the changes to the stats display. I guess literally no one has read me this week?

Has this happened to anyone else recently? I know I am in a weird spot of inactivity with writing but this is new, for me anyway.

(Edited to update)

Well, I earned a few pennies from this piece yesterday. Which is reassuring, I guess, that things aren’t broken. But also, a bit frightening how the former trickle effect from older articles seems to have been turned off almost completely. Yikes. Good luck to us all!

And it doesn’t explain the people in my comments reporting similar low to non-existent movement on their stats when they have been much more active with writing than I have recently. Maybe it was a blip?



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