Something that Would Actually Make Me Want to Triple My Medium Payment

Steffany Ritchie
2 min readNov 30, 2023

Medium wants to be friends, how about giving us this obvious benefit?

Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

I don’t have much time lately for Medium, which has only served to highlight how continually inefficient the platform is at providing the number one thing I care about here: my Medium friends.

No, not the new, much vaunted triple scoop tier from member’s pockets “Friend of Medium”. But my actual writer friends. Whose numbers have dwindled in recent times as more folk depart for greener pastures.

Why can’t Medium show us our most read authors in an easy to find way?

Why is it a search and rescue party, still, what over a year after they removed the functional and simple author heads?

If Medium cares so much about fostering friendship why are they so remiss at sending emails to my subscribers, and to me, of my favorite writers?

Why is my following feed often a friend-free zone? Will $15 show me my friends and stop me always having to hunt down their work? Time is money, right?

For me friendship here is about reading and supporting one another. And yes I read new writers too, but honestly many recent members seem to care less about or understand the friendship building aspect of the site (likely because Medium has de-prioritized it with new unimproved site updates).

It also hasn’t helped the importance of the community staying connected here has been communicated in recent times as somehow trying to “game the system”.

So no, I’m not jumping at the latest shiny prize bauble until the platform function stops being headache inducing.



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