Today I Wrote a Sentence




Today I wrote a sentence

just the one
one of those ask a big question you don’t have the answer for sentences
or a “This’ll be a bright idea that leads to something” sentence

that’s all I got

one sentence knocked me out into a stupor
I feel like a need a nap from that sentence

I don’t want to do the work, write and rewrite and
the thinking, ugh all of the thinking!

Besides will anyone even care?
Probably not and who can blame them
That sentence is a river to nowhere or somewhere

I don’t even know why I wrote it
I hate the sentence now

Somebody take it from me, please
Send it along down the way with the other pesky sentences
we’ll worry about it never
Ah, that’s so much better



Steffany Ritchie

Hi, I write memoir, humor, music, and pop culture. American in Scotland.